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New Years

5 Mar

Definitely belated… but this was my new years eve dress. $13 from windsor. K picked it out. 😀

Shoes were present from his parents. LOVE the sparkly shoes. I’ve been wanting a pair for forever, and these were perfect for New Years.


Purple minidress from Windsor

3 May

Another great, cheap find from Windsor. I think this one was $12 or $13. It came with the black belt, which is kind of similar to another black belt with a bow that I already have. Shoes are from Lacey’s Boutique in Encinitas.

It’s a great outfit, except when I wore it out last Friday some dude knocked me in the arm, causing me to spill beer all over it. Oh well, just one of the many things that are great about a $10 dress. Who give a shit if you ended up covered in beer at the end of the night?!

Black paint

11 Apr

Got some more sweet ass deals at Windsor recently. Went to the mall to buy a bachelorette present for Jess and ended up getting myself some treats as well. This dress was 50% off of $15.99 –

The print reminds me of splattered and smeared dark ink. It also has some metallic flecks throughout. I wore it with some earrings from The Closet. Shoes were $19.99 at Nine West [closer picture in the Shoe Gallery]. Cats don’t like to dress up, but it’s getting close to Easter so I put some bunny ears on my kitty.

A little glam: fur, sequins, tiara

3 Apr

This is one of my favorite dresses. It was $15 at Windsor. It’s a great little black dress to have in the closet, fitting for a variety of occasions. The fur coat is fun [handed down to me by my mom], but really there is no occasion to wear such a thing in southern California. That kind of weather just doesn’t happen. Shoes are the $20 ones from Ross [yet again].

And the details –

The back of this dress might be the best part about it. I also love tiaras. Only problem with tiaras is that when I wear them, people always ask what the occasion is [can’t a girl wear a tiara just because they are shiny and awesome?]

Olive and gold

29 Mar

I don’t own a lot of items in this tone of green (olive-ish). At this moment, this might be the only one. However, when I saw this dress at Windsor [for $9.99 after discounts!] I was immediately attracted because of the gold flecks in the material, and the jeweled chain detailing in the halter. My mother told me I looked like a hooker in it, and that she disliked the dress, although she was impressed that it was only $9.99. I responded that I certainly would not be wearing such things when I am 50, so now is the time to do it.

$9.99 dress from Windsor

I wore this getup to Pacific Beach for a pub crawl with gold flip flops [probably still out-of-place for a Sunday pub crawl in PB]. Wore it out another time to Ocean Beach with the gold stilettos, as pictured above. Since Ocean Beach is mostly full of hippies and other laid-back people, it probably wasn’t appropriate there either. But sometimes you just really want to wear an outfit.

A few more details –

Earrings, Forever21. Bracelet, Znetshows. Ring, unknown.

The earrings were a present from Liz. The bracelet is made by Bill, who deals semi-precious gems and stones at Znetshows.com.  It was a party favor at his posh wedding reception, which took place at a lovely country club in Northern Virginia. My mother gave me the ring, so I am not totally sure of its origins or price, but I know she got it in Ocean Beach for $5 or less. Total damage on my wallet: dress ($10) + shoes ($10) + earrings (about $7) + ring ($4) + bracelet (free) = $31.

Note the jewel and chain halter. I love it!