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Casual night out at the bars

15 Mar

I’m really not kidding…I am very in love with these boots. There is hardly any winter in San Diego at all. It started getting warmer in February, and now that it’s early March, cold days are quickly fading away. Wore these out for a casual night at bars the past weekend. Sweater was another fun thing I picked up from Taipei for about $6.50. Shorts were something I picked up in Rome years ago for 5 Euros. Beer is either a Belgian or IPA of some sort. I was drinking both this night. Both are delicious.

And some details…

Ring on the left hand was $5 from the Encinitas Farmer’s Market. Silver cuff bracelet was 7 Euros from Prague (got it in the summer of 2007, an oldie but a goodie).


A short trip to Taiwan…

14 Mar

Had to make a quick trip to Taiwan. Wish I could have stayed longer, but I did make good use of my time in the 2 days I was there. I did a whole lot of eating, and picked up just a couple of fun items on the way, including this jacket, which was only about $6.50.

And of course, there are the beautiful boots again. Tights were Andria’s. She had to move, and gave me these when she was cleaning out her closet.

Vegas in Winter

3 Dec

First night in Vegas, same dress I wore last year in Vegas, but different shoes.

The shoes were $5.99 from The Closet.

Hot Topic bikini

29 Nov

Went to Vegas the past weekend and stupidly forgot to bring a swimsuit. I always manage to forget something or another when I pack the night before. So we ran into a mall really fast and I picked this up at Hot Topic for about $18.50 (marked down from about $30).

And the beer I was drinking by the pool. Inversion is a great IPA by Deschutes. It is one of my favorites.

Nails are a Wet ‘N Wild shade I got at CVS for 89 cents.

WalMart in Kauai

22 Aug

I found this one at WalMart. I don’t shop there too often, but while in Hawaii I realized I hadn’t brought enough clothes, and picked this up while I was buying sunscreen and water –

It was $15, a comfortable and smooth material. I dig the pattern and colors; plus it matched the necklace I bought earlier.

Blue and green floral

16 Aug

I had been eyeing this dress on the Charlotte Russe for a while, but really couldn’t justify paying $30 for it, as there is no way to tell how a dress fits or feels when you shop online. However, after about a month I noticed the price dropped drastically, to half the price or less.

As one would expect, the material is kind of a cheap, light and stretchy fabric. However, that made it perfect for Hawaii/beach/luau stuff. It was comfortable, and has black straps in the back. The necklace was from a local trinket/jewelry stand in Kauai ($17). I tried to bargain it down to $15, but was unsuccessful. I would say I am successful in haggling about 80% the time, especially if I am asking for a really minor discount (like 10%). Further, I noticed that all the shops were selling similar items at the same prices. Thus, I thought these trinket shops were probably engaging in price fixing and had come to an agreement to sell things at a certain price.

Harlequin sequins

1 May

I got this dress in Taiwan for 100NT, about $3.50. I don’t actually know if it was intended to be a dress. The saleslady said it should probably be worn with shorts, but I thought I’d try it without. It’s a really cool dress with a harlequin pattern and silver sequins. Only problem is it’s kind of itchy. The lining is a tulle-like material. It helps to wear some kind of thin tank top underneath, but otherwise the dress is crazy itchy. I like to pair it with my fake Prada from Rome (15 euros).