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Casual night out at the bars

15 Mar

I’m really not kidding…I am very in love with these boots. There is hardly any winter in San Diego at all. It started getting warmer in February, and now that it’s early March, cold days are quickly fading away. Wore these out for a casual night at bars the past weekend. Sweater was another fun thing I picked up from Taipei for about $6.50. Shorts were something I picked up in Rome years ago for 5 Euros. Beer is either a Belgian or IPA of some sort. I was drinking both this night. Both are delicious.

And some details…

Ring on the left hand was $5 from the Encinitas Farmer’s Market. Silver cuff bracelet was 7 Euros from Prague (got it in the summer of 2007, an oldie but a goodie).


A short trip to Taiwan…

14 Mar

Had to make a quick trip to Taiwan. Wish I could have stayed longer, but I did make good use of my time in the 2 days I was there. I did a whole lot of eating, and picked up just a couple of fun items on the way, including this jacket, which was only about $6.50.

And of course, there are the beautiful boots again. Tights were Andria’s. She had to move, and gave me these when she was cleaning out her closet.

One-shoulder purple dress

11 Oct

I got this recently at Charlotte Russe, when I was there to return something. It reminded me of ancient Romans because it’s one-shouldered and because of the purple and gold. It was only $9.99.

It’s been a while, but apparently the one-shoulder thing is making a comeback. I paired it with the purple crystal earrings Jules got me.

Goth Club (Sabbat), take 3

10 Oct

The Flame is Club Sabbat only the second and fifth Saturday of each month, and it took us forever to finally find a weekend to go. I got the corset for about $35 including tax and shipping from The Fashion Corset Shop. I thought it was a great deal. I got the studded belt from Hot Topic years ago when they were still selling lots of stuff like that. The spiked collar is a more recent purchase from Hot Topic, and it was the last one in the store. Back when I was a teenager, they had a ton of spiked jewelry and studded accessories. Now I walk in, and their main display is a Justin Bieber CD and the only spiked collar left is on sale for $5. Times sure have changed.


The tiara was from Claire’s a while back, probably $5. The clutch is from Payless, $3. Skirt with tutu-style tulle overlay was about $4 from a store in Taipei. Shoes were $35 from Huslter. Handwarmers were a gift from Aunty Chin. I backcombed my hair to give it that look, although I had to constantly backcomb it and fix it throughout the night because it kept going flat.

Some random items I’ve had for a long time

1 Aug

1. 2.  3. 


1. Jade necklace my grandmother gave me about 20 years ago. I would tell my grandmother I liked something of hers and she would just give it to me. What a brat!

2. Cameo pendant Bill’s mom [Znetshows]gave me when she was visiting California about 7 years ago. Very classy and unique pendant. The silver chain is from a koala bear necklace my grandmother mailed to me from Taiwan when I was 11 years old.

3. Pink cat with wings, given to me by my cousin Julia in 2004. She sent it to me in the mail. I was inspired by this necklace to dress up like a flying cat Halloween of 2009.

4. Purple moonstone [?] ring, from Aunty Chin, from about 15 years ago

Magenta and lace

29 Jul

Magenta and black is one of my favorite combinations of colors.

My mother bought me this skirt in Taiwan recently. It’s lacy and layered. I paired it with a shirt I got a long time ago from Aeropostale. Don’t really remember how much the Aeropostale shirt was, but if I had to guess it was probably in the $10-$15 range. Shoes were $5.99 from The Closet.

Polka dot dress… or something or another…

26 Jul

Another polka dot….garment, for lack of a better word. My mother gave this to me.

I really have problems understanding this piece of clothing, actually. Although I do have a tendency to treat tunics or other shirts as dresses, this one truly seems designed as a dress. Yet it seems extremely short – even for me. I find myself having to tug it down frequently when I wear it out. What exactly is this supposed to be? I can’t really imagine wearing this with jeans, shorts, or leggings…

What is the meaning of this???