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When your friends make cool stuff

11 Apr

Cowl neck scarf, knitted by Ana! It’s so cool it makes me want to take up knitting as a hobby.

It’s starting to get warmer here, so I’ve got to wear it while I’ve still got the chance. The material is soft and doesn’t itch (like many scarves are prone to do). Sunglasses were $5 from Forever 21. Blazer was $40 at BCBG. It used to be part of quite a nice suit, until someone stole the skirt from me at the gym. Fuckin’ lame. Jeans and heels were hand-me-downs from Jamie. My first pair of skinny jeans (yes, I’m totally late on the bandwagon, which really has come and gone).


A tunic…or a dress

21 Jul

Got this at the Forever 21 in Santa Monica. It was about $13. It’s a shiny, satin-like material and I love the print. It was labeled as a tunic, but I think it works much better as a dress. At least for short people like me. Shoes were from Charlotte Russe online for about $17. They are platform wedge thongs. Pretty comfy and go with a lot of stuff.

And a close up –

Black and white

21 Jun

I got this dress from Forever 21 recently. I found dresses of this style a bit boring at first, but thought I’d try it out because it works for classier occasions and plus this one was so cheap (like $16).  I wore this to Cordiano Winery for Jackie and Trevor’s engagement party. Shoes were $5.99 at the Closet.

The necklace is from Linda and Karl and is a work of art. Here’s a close up, which doesn’t do it justice because it’s hard to make out the detail in the pendant part –

I love the proportions and details of this necklace. The matching earrings are great too.

Black and blue

10 Jun

Got this at the Forever 21 in Santa Monica (the biggest one in the country, apparently) over the weekend and wore it out to South in LA on Saturday night. It was about $16. I don’t own many things in this shade of blue. Don’t own much blue at all, in fact (unless it’s some shade of teal).

Especially was a fan of the the blue with the neon pink nails.


12 Apr

Lots of my friends are getting married. I love weddings, and dressing up for them. The picture immediately below, on the left  is what I wore to Bill and Jen’s wedding in Northern VA. It was a dress I bought without trying on from a shopping district in Taipei. 100 NT [$3.50]. I love the fabric [a soft, thin, satin material] and the bright colors. They had other patterns available, and I wish I had bought more of them [for only $3.50, why didn’t I buy 10 of them?!] The scarf is a very soft cashmere scarf Darren gave me for Christmas. It doesn’t quite match but it is really a warm and lovable scarf, and I haven’t seen it in my closet for a while, so I fear I was careless and lost it.  This picture was taken by K, at a small brick house in Manassas, where a bunch of injured civil war soldiers covered the floors in blood and died [yes, I read the informational historical signs when I stop at places like this]. We stopped by here right before the reception at the lovely Heritage Hunt country club. The dress on the right I purchased at Forever 21 on the strip in Vegas for $22.00. I wore it to Jackson and Vanessa’s rehearsal dinner in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jacqie’s wedding [tractor picture, below] was the most unique one I have attended so far. The ceremony itself was at a church [normal], but her reception was in the front yard of her house, which sits on a dairy farm. I was a bridesmaid. Half the bridesmaids wore black [as I did] and the other half wore the same dress in red. Next to that picture, I am wearing a yellow dress at Jackson and Vanessa’s wedding reception [JC Penney, $25].

Soccer Fan

4 Apr

Out of the archives…World Cup has come and gone, but I recently started playing soccer again so it’s on my mind.

So Brazil didn’t win the World Cup this time around; oh well, still liked wearing the outfit. Jersey was my brother’s until I took it. Hairband was 99 cents from an accessories store called F&M. Shorts are a really old pair I got from Forever 21 years ago for about $10. I forget where I got the earrings, but they were probably $3 or less. Sunglasses are from Rome, 7 euros.

Shades of purple

31 Mar

I got this tunic at Arden B for $25 [I think]. I knew I was going to wear it as a dress, but I asked the saleslady whether it was meant to be a shirt or a dress; she said either. I really like the pattern of the fabric, and think the beading detail is great.

The details –

I was considering any of these three, but settled on the crystal hearts. My cousin bought them for me from a small kiosk at a shopping district in Taipei. I think it was in Xi Men Ding [西門町] but I can’t be sure. Jacqie got me the other two pairs.

The necklace and ring are presents from my mother’s friend, Chin. She works in the fashion industry in NYC and sends me samples and other accessories from time to time. I have no idea where the necklace and ring are from. I’ve actually had the ring since I was 7 years old. It didn’t fit me back then. I think it’s some kind of moonstone; it changes colors in the sunlight, wavering between purple and blue. The clutch and shoes [pictured also in an earlier post] are from Forever 21. I wore this outfit downtown with K, Darren and Felicia.