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Salmon halter dress

25 Jan

Got the dress from Charlotte Russe for about $15, including shipping. I wasn’t sure about this color, since I don’t own anything in this shade, but thought I’d be adventurous and give it a go. I bought the black sequin bandeau underneath at Pacific sun for $4.99. Boots were a kick ass present from K’s parents (Christmas). They are amazing. Silver earrings were also a present from a friend.

And I wore it with the wire bracelet. Really love this thing… I wear it all the time recently


Aqua zebra shirt

12 Oct

I got this shirt recently at Charlotte Russe. I wasn’t entirely sure about it, but it was only $4.99 and it’s kind of got unique concepts. Skirt was a present from Liz way back when.

The back –

Earrings were $2 from The Closet.

One-shoulder purple dress

11 Oct

I got this recently at Charlotte Russe, when I was there to return something. It reminded me of ancient Romans because it’s one-shouldered and because of the purple and gold. It was only $9.99.

It’s been a while, but apparently the one-shoulder thing is making a comeback. I paired it with the purple crystal earrings Jules got me.


8 Sep

I’m doing this pastel turquoise color again because I dig it. ¬†And this is an SPF 15 moisturizer I keep in my car just in case. It’s from Target, quite cheap, and comes in handy when I am catching too much sun. And it matches my nails.

And a favorite of mine is to do my feet different colors-

The flip-flops were $2.99 from Charlotte Russe.



Some random new stuff

26 Aug

Just a few items I got recently. I got these rings at Charlotte Russe for super cheap (about $2 each). I think I am starting to really like the owl accessories.

And I destroyed my running shoes in Hawaii, so I went to Payless to get a new pair. I am afraid they are actually walking shoes or something, even though the sales lady assured me they were for running. They just look a little different…I run/exercise fairly frequently so this is probably something I should know, but oh well. They are cute.

And I’ve never really paid much mind to the other stuff at Payless, but I saw this clutch for just $6! And everything in the store was buy one get one 1/2 off, so it was only $3. Hey, why not?

Blue and green floral

16 Aug

I had been eyeing this dress on the Charlotte Russe for a while, but really couldn’t justify paying $30 for it, as there is no way to tell how a dress fits or feels when you shop online. However, after about a month I noticed the price dropped drastically, to half the price or less.

As one would expect, the material is kind of a cheap, light and stretchy fabric. However, that made it perfect for Hawaii/beach/luau stuff. It was comfortable, and has black straps in the back. The necklace was from a local trinket/jewelry stand in Kauai ($17). I tried to bargain it down to $15, but was unsuccessful. I would say I am successful in haggling about 80% the time, especially if I am asking for a really minor discount (like 10%). Further, I noticed that all the shops were selling similar items at the same prices. Thus, I thought these trinket shops were probably engaging in price fixing and had come to an agreement to sell things at a certain price.

Zebra print and flowers

15 Aug

Got this at Papaya recently for $15. It was on the sale rack. Bandeau underneath was $6 (from somewhere else – don’t remember when/where I got it). Wore this to dinner for our 6th year anniversary.

Shoes were $5.99 from The Closet. Earrings were $2.99 from Charlotte Russe online (throw in a couple of bucks for shipping).