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When your friends make cool stuff

11 Apr

Cowl neck scarf, knitted by Ana! It’s so cool it makes me want to take up knitting as a hobby.

It’s starting to get warmer here, so I’ve got to wear it while I’ve still got the chance. The material is soft and doesn’t itch (like many scarves are prone to do). Sunglasses were $5 from Forever 21. Blazer was $40 at BCBG. It used to be part of quite a nice suit, until someone stole the skirt from me at the gym. Fuckin’ lame. Jeans and heels were hand-me-downs from Jamie. My first pair of skinny jeans (yes, I’m totally late on the bandwagon, which really has come and gone).


BCBG, red, $2.32

22 Jun

I got this dress a few months back at the BCBG outlet for $2.32. No joke. They had sent me some kind of coupon in the mail, even though I think I have only shopped there once on another occasion. Combined with current sales, the dress came out to be $2.32. I wore it to a wedding.


*The hat was not part of my outfit. It was a party favor I picked up by the end of the night.