Wire accessory

24 Jan

My friend gave me this thick wire-style accessory recently, and I am in love with it!

And now it’s a bracelet


Little black dress with studs

6 Dec

Got this one at Ross a while back. It was only about $8. Shoes were $5.99 from The Closet.

Vegas in Winter

3 Dec

First night in Vegas, same dress I wore last year in Vegas, but different shoes.

The shoes were $5.99 from The Closet.

Halloween 2011, part II

1 Dec

Friday before Halloween, we went out downtown. I didn’t decide what to wear until the day of. I didn’t have a particular costume in mind, but I knew I wanted to make use of the wings Liz gave me, and a purple wig I had purchased recently. I came up with this –

The wings are awesome –

Halloween 2011, part I

30 Nov

K and I have been watching a ton of X-men cartoons, and naturally decided to be characters from X-men for Halloween. Magneto is one of our favorite characters. I think Storm has some really cheesy lines and lacks good judgment from time to time, but I happened to have a white wig and wanted to make use of it. I dressed up as Storm when we went to Mexico to celebrate Halloween. First, I bought some material at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and made these –


They are the radio things Storm wears on her shoulders, but I thought they’d look better on the hips. Doesn’t really make sense for radio placement, but oh well. Next, I made gold cuffs –

I attached a silvery cape to the wrist cuffs, and to the back of a black leather corset, which I got at the Fashion Corset Shop for about $35. The final result –

Hot Topic bikini

29 Nov

Went to Vegas the past weekend and stupidly forgot to bring a swimsuit. I always manage to forget something or another when I pack the night before. So we ran into a mall really fast and I picked this up at Hot Topic for about $18.50 (marked down from about $30).

And the beer I was drinking by the pool. Inversion is a great IPA by Deschutes. It is one of my favorites.

Nails are a Wet ‘N Wild shade I got at CVS for 89 cents.


28 Oct

In 2008, my friends decided to dress up as the Peter Pan crew, including Hook, Pan, Wendy, and other characters. Despite some reservations about political correctness, I ultimately decided to be Tiger Lily. I made a Native American costume with some ribbon, trim, and brown fabric from JoAnn’s. The materials cost about $25.00 or so, and it took about an hour to put together. I also had some paint lying around so I decided to play around and paint the red flower with my bellybutton as the center [note: I used acrylic just to experiment around with it and learned that this is not the best paint to use on skin. It dries and cracks pretty easily and will begin to flake off early in the night]. The headdress was also really easy to make with some rhinestones, feathers ribbon and a hot glue gun [all from JoAnn’s included in the $25.00 except the glue gun.]

Halloween of 2010, I was a fairy. This costume involved a little more expense. I got the hot pink tutu online for about $20, but it was a bit plain so I used my bedazzler to add rhinestones and studs to it. I also used fabric glue to glue on rhinestones, and sewed black bows onto it. I attached some fake flowers I bought at Wal-Mart at the hip area of the tutu. The corset is from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Their corsets can be pricey, but this one was a steal –  I got it on sale for $25.99. The wings were reused from Halloween another year; I probably got them at a costume store for $15.00 or so. I glued small, pink rhinestones on my face with eyelash glue [rhinestones were $1.00 at Target].