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Casual night out at the bars

15 Mar

I’m really not kidding…I am very in love with these boots. There is hardly any winter in San Diego at all. It started getting warmer in February, and now that it’s early March, cold days are quickly fading away. Wore these out for a casual night at bars the past weekend. Sweater was another fun thing I picked up from Taipei for about $6.50. Shorts were something I picked up in Rome years ago for 5 Euros. Beer is either a Belgian or IPA of some sort. I was drinking both this night. Both are delicious.

And some details…

Ring on the left hand was $5 from the Encinitas Farmer’s Market. Silver cuff bracelet was 7 Euros from Prague (got it in the summer of 2007, an oldie but a goodie).


A short trip to Taiwan…

14 Mar

Had to make a quick trip to Taiwan. Wish I could have stayed longer, but I did make good use of my time in the 2 days I was there. I did a whole lot of eating, and picked up just a couple of fun items on the way, including this jacket, which was only about $6.50.

And of course, there are the beautiful boots again. Tights were Andria’s. She had to move, and gave me these when she was cleaning out her closet.

A fun outfit for brunch

7 Mar

Drove up to Costa Mesa to meet Liz for brunch. San Diego doesn’t really have much of a winter, so I wear these boots every chance I get. Scarf and dress were presents from Jess from several years ago, blazer was a present from Liz.

I like this outfit because it employs a lot of shades of blue, which I typically do not wear. Love it when people get me stuff I would not think of getting for myself.


6 Mar

!!!Got engaged early this year. My ring is beyond amazing (just like my fiance). It is brilliant, full of fire, huge, blingy, and fun!

This stone is moissanite. Moissanite naturally occurs in meteors, but since meteors don’t frequently become meteorites, moissanite is too rare to mine. It is now made in labs. It is a great alternative to diamonds, as they are almost as hard, and have some similar qualities. It does have different refractive properties than a diamond. Moissanite people would argue it has a lot more fire than diamond. Diamond people will tend to be dismissive of this perspective, claiming that Moissanite has “too much” fire/brilliance, and looks like a disco ball. Funny thing about the diamond industry. They are always trying to charge you an arm and a leg for the most expensive, best quality diamond, with the least inclusions, because allegedly these stones will have the most “fire” and “brilliance” but when technology manages to create a rock with no inclusions, and maximized fire, the diamond industry snidely casts this stone as having too much shine and fire.

My particular ring has a 2 ct center stone, with two small stones on the side. The band is white gold. My fiance got it from The ring’s fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with this choice.

New Years

5 Mar

Definitely belated… but this was my new years eve dress. $13 from windsor. K picked it out. 😀

Shoes were present from his parents. LOVE the sparkly shoes. I’ve been wanting a pair for forever, and these were perfect for New Years.