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Halloween 2011, part I

30 Nov

K and I have been watching a ton of X-men cartoons, and naturally decided to be characters from X-men for Halloween. Magneto is one of our favorite characters. I think Storm has some really cheesy lines and lacks good judgment from time to time, but I happened to have a white wig and wanted to make use of it. I dressed up as Storm when we went to Mexico to celebrate Halloween. First, I bought some material at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and made these –


They are the radio things Storm wears on her shoulders, but I thought they’d look better on the hips. Doesn’t really make sense for radio placement, but oh well. Next, I made gold cuffs –

I attached a silvery cape to the wrist cuffs, and to the back of a black leather corset, which I got at the Fashion Corset Shop for about $35. The final result –


Hot Topic bikini

29 Nov

Went to Vegas the past weekend and stupidly forgot to bring a swimsuit. I always manage to forget something or another when I pack the night before. So we ran into a mall really fast and I picked this up at Hot Topic for about $18.50 (marked down from about $30).

And the beer I was drinking by the pool. Inversion is a great IPA by Deschutes. It is one of my favorites.

Nails are a Wet ‘N Wild shade I got at CVS for 89 cents.