Goth Club (Sabbat), take 3

10 Oct

The Flame is Club Sabbat only the second and fifth Saturday of each month, and it took us forever to finally find a weekend to go. I got the corset for about $35 including tax and shipping from The Fashion Corset Shop. I thought it was a great deal. I got the studded belt from Hot Topic years ago when they were still selling lots of stuff like that. The spiked collar is a more recent purchase from Hot Topic, and it was the last one in the store. Back when I was a teenager, they had a ton of spiked jewelry and studded accessories. Now I walk in, and their main display is a Justin Bieber CD and the only spiked collar left is on sale for $5. Times sure have changed.


The tiara was from Claire’s a while back, probably $5. The clutch is from Payless, $3. Skirt with tutu-style tulle overlay was about $4 from a store in Taipei. Shoes were $35 from Huslter. Handwarmers were a gift from Aunty Chin. I backcombed my hair to give it that look, although I had to constantly backcomb it and fix it throughout the night because it kept going flat.


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