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28 Oct

In 2008, my friends decided to dress up as the Peter Pan crew, including Hook, Pan, Wendy, and other characters. Despite some reservations about political correctness, I ultimately decided to be Tiger Lily. I made a Native American costume with some ribbon, trim, and brown fabric from JoAnn’s. The materials cost about $25.00 or so, and it took about an hour to put together. I also had some paint lying around so I decided to play around and paint the red flower with my bellybutton as the center [note: I used acrylic just to experiment around with it and learned that this is not the best paint to use on skin. It dries and cracks pretty easily and will begin to flake off early in the night]. The headdress was also really easy to make with some rhinestones, feathers ribbon and a hot glue gun [all from JoAnn’s included in the $25.00 except the glue gun.]

Halloween of 2010, I was a fairy. This costume involved a little more expense. I got the hot pink tutu online for about $20, but it was a bit plain so I used my bedazzler to add rhinestones and studs to it. I also used fabric glue to glue on rhinestones, and sewed black bows onto it. I attached some fake flowers I bought at Wal-Mart at the hip area of the tutu. The corset is from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Their corsets can be pricey, but this one was a steal –  I got it on sale for $25.99. The wings were reused from Halloween another year; I probably got them at a costume store for $15.00 or so. I glued small, pink rhinestones on my face with eyelash glue [rhinestones were $1.00 at Target].


New soccer cleats

17 Oct

Got these at Sports Chalet for only $19.99. To be fair, they are in children’s sizes though.

So far, so good. I’ve only worn them for 2 games, and we won both times.

Aqua zebra shirt

12 Oct

I got this shirt recently at Charlotte Russe. I wasn’t entirely sure about it, but it was only $4.99 and it’s kind of got unique concepts. Skirt was a present from Liz way back when.

The back –

Earrings were $2 from The Closet.

One-shoulder purple dress

11 Oct

I got this recently at Charlotte Russe, when I was there to return something. It reminded me of ancient Romans because it’s one-shouldered and because of the purple and gold. It was only $9.99.

It’s been a while, but apparently the one-shoulder thing is making a comeback. I paired it with the purple crystal earrings Jules got me.

Goth Club (Sabbat), take 3

10 Oct

The Flame is Club Sabbat only the second and fifth Saturday of each month, and it took us forever to finally find a weekend to go. I got the corset for about $35 including tax and shipping from The Fashion Corset Shop. I thought it was a great deal. I got the studded belt from Hot Topic years ago when they were still selling lots of stuff like that. The spiked collar is a more recent purchase from Hot Topic, and it was the last one in the store. Back when I was a teenager, they had a ton of spiked jewelry and studded accessories. Now I walk in, and their main display is a Justin Bieber CD and the only spiked collar left is on sale for $5. Times sure have changed.


The tiara was from Claire’s a while back, probably $5. The clutch is from Payless, $3. Skirt with tutu-style tulle overlay was about $4 from a store in Taipei. Shoes were $35 from Huslter. Handwarmers were a gift from Aunty Chin. I backcombed my hair to give it that look, although I had to constantly backcomb it and fix it throughout the night because it kept going flat.