Frederick’s of Hollywood wins.

17 Aug

I was super excited about the Victoria’s Secret swim suit I got a few posts back, but I should have known better. Frederick’s is always better. I saw this one online and couldn’t resist even though I had just purchased the VS one a few weeks earlier. The Victoria’s suit fit great, but when I went out into the ocean, I felt like waves were going to rip the bottom off of me. I imagine that that Vic’s suit will stretch out after a few wears, just like the last Vic’s suit I purchased a few years back. This Frederick’s one, however, is awesome. It was about $5 cheaper (so like $30 with shipping?) I went hiking, snorkeling and swimming in this one with no threat of wardrobe malfunction. It’s a shiny turquoise and kind of reminds me of material on stripper costumes, but oh well. I also had to sew padding into this one.

You can’t see the bottom very well here, but it is asymmetrical. It’s got two ties on one side, and one on the other. My hair looks like crap because I’ve been on a boat all day. The choker was from a tourist shop for $2.50. I used to wear something very similar in college all the time, but I gave that one to my cousin.


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