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Some random new stuff

26 Aug

Just a few items I got recently. I got these rings at Charlotte Russe for super cheap (about $2 each). I think I am starting to really like the owl accessories.

And I destroyed my running shoes in Hawaii, so I went to Payless to get a new pair. I am afraid they are actually walking shoes or something, even though the sales lady assured me they were for running. They just look a little different…I run/exercise fairly frequently so this is probably something I should know, but oh well. They are cute.

And I’ve never really paid much mind to the other stuff at Payless, but I saw this clutch for just $6! And everything in the store was buy one get one 1/2 off, so it was only $3. Hey, why not?


WalMart in Kauai

22 Aug

I found this one at WalMart. I don’t shop there too often, but while in Hawaii I realized I hadn’t brought enough clothes, and picked this up while I was buying sunscreen and water –

It was $15, a comfortable and smooth material. I dig the pattern and colors; plus it matched the necklace I bought earlier.

Frederick’s of Hollywood wins.

17 Aug

I was super excited about the Victoria’s Secret swim suit I got a few posts back, but I should have known better. Frederick’s is always better. I saw this one online and couldn’t resist even though I had just purchased the VS one a few weeks earlier. The Victoria’s suit fit great, but when I went out into the ocean, I felt like waves were going to rip the bottom off of me. I imagine that that Vic’s suit will stretch out after a few wears, just like the last Vic’s suit I purchased a few years back. This Frederick’s one, however, is awesome. It was about $5 cheaper (so like $30 with shipping?) I went hiking, snorkeling and swimming in this one with no threat of wardrobe malfunction. It’s a shiny turquoise and kind of reminds me of material on stripper costumes, but oh well. I also had to sew padding into this one.

You can’t see the bottom very well here, but it is asymmetrical. It’s got two ties on one side, and one on the other. My hair looks like crap because I’ve been on a boat all day. The choker was from a tourist shop for $2.50. I used to wear something very similar in college all the time, but I gave that one to my cousin.

Blue and green floral

16 Aug

I had been eyeing this dress on the Charlotte Russe for a while, but really couldn’t justify paying $30 for it, as there is no way to tell how a dress fits or feels when you shop online. However, after about a month I noticed the price dropped drastically, to half the price or less.

As one would expect, the material is kind of a cheap, light and stretchy fabric. However, that made it perfect for Hawaii/beach/luau stuff. It was comfortable, and has black straps in the back. The necklace was from a local trinket/jewelry stand in Kauai ($17). I tried to bargain it down to $15, but was unsuccessful. I would say I am successful in haggling about 80% the time, especially if I am asking for a really minor discount (like 10%). Further, I noticed that all the shops were selling similar items at the same prices. Thus, I thought these trinket shops were probably engaging in price fixing and had come to an agreement to sell things at a certain price.

Zebra print and flowers

15 Aug

Got this at Papaya recently for $15. It was on the sale rack. Bandeau underneath was $6 (from somewhere else – don’t remember when/where I got it). Wore this to dinner for our 6th year anniversary.

Shoes were $5.99 from The Closet. Earrings were $2.99 from Charlotte Russe online (throw in a couple of bucks for shipping).

Some random items I’ve had for a long time

1 Aug

1. 2.  3. 


1. Jade necklace my grandmother gave me about 20 years ago. I would tell my grandmother I liked something of hers and she would just give it to me. What a brat!

2. Cameo pendant Bill’s mom [Znetshows]gave me when she was visiting California about 7 years ago. Very classy and unique pendant. The silver chain is from a koala bear necklace my grandmother mailed to me from Taiwan when I was 11 years old.

3. Pink cat with wings, given to me by my cousin Julia in 2004. She sent it to me in the mail. I was inspired by this necklace to dress up like a flying cat Halloween of 2009.

4. Purple moonstone [?] ring, from Aunty Chin, from about 15 years ago