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Magenta and lace

29 Jul

Magenta and black is one of my favorite combinations of colors.

My mother bought me this skirt in Taiwan recently. It’s lacy and layered. I paired it with a shirt I got a long time ago from Aeropostale. Don’t really remember how much the Aeropostale shirt was, but if I had to guess it was probably in the $10-$15 range. Shoes were $5.99 from The Closet.


Turquoise. Sequins.

27 Jul

I am very critical when I order things online, because returning items can be a pain. Sometimes you have to pay the shipping yourself. And mostly, I am just too lazy to get my ass to the post office. So I only buy stuff online if I know it will fit well with about a 90% certainty (sometimes this involves busting out the measuring tape), or if the item is so cheap that the risk doesn’t matter much. I got this outfit from Charlotte Russe.  The top was about $10, and the shorts were $15. Shipping was probably $6.

I love the turquoise color, and the sequins of course are fantastic. They only cover the front – the back is a normal, stretchy cotton-blend fabric. The sequins are square, and as the shirt was only $10 predictably the sequins have a tendency to shed a little bit. The short are a size 1 and fit great.

I also ordered the gold wedge sandals at the same time. They were about $15 ($17 if you count shipping costs).

Polka dot dress… or something or another…

26 Jul

Another polka dot….garment, for lack of a better word. My mother gave this to me.

I really have problems understanding this piece of clothing, actually. Although I do have a tendency to treat tunics or other shirts as dresses, this one truly seems designed as a dress. Yet it seems extremely short – even for me. I find myself having to tug it down frequently when I wear it out. What exactly is this supposed to be? I can’t really imagine wearing this with jeans, shorts, or leggings…

What is the meaning of this???

Polka dots

25 Jul

I got this dress in Taipei, near the Taipei train station. It was not as cheap as some of the buys I get in Taipei. It was probably about $12.  I was actually hesitant to get it, since I couldn’t try it on… but $12 is really not a big deal. Well, I had just passed the bar, was unemployed and every dollar was kind of a big deal.

And a close up –

Earrings are from The Closet (about $2) and necklace is made from either Onyx or Obsidian from Znet Shows.

A tunic…or a dress

21 Jul

Got this at the Forever 21 in Santa Monica. It was about $13. It’s a shiny, satin-like material and I love the print. It was labeled as a tunic, but I think it works much better as a dress. At least for short people like me. Shoes were from Charlotte Russe online for about $17. They are platform wedge thongs. Pretty comfy and go with a lot of stuff.

And a close up –

Summer is here

20 Jul

Got this swim suit online from Victoria’s Secret recently. It was about $35 including shipping. I’ve bought a VS swim suit in the past, and was rather disappointed by the quality. It stretched out after just a month or two of wear. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist because I am a big fan of the seafoam green and gold details. It was really lacking in padding so I sewed some lining in there myself.

And coincidentally, it looks perfect with this bracelet I got from Charlotte Russe (about $5) –

Casual comfy stuff

19 Jul

Really casual cheap stuff. Magenta shirt from The Pink Zone for about $5. The skirt is from express, and was on crazy sale. I think it was $6.99 online, but then I had to pay a couple of bucks in shipping.

The top of the skirt is fold-over, so length is adjustable. Both items are stretchy and comfortable.