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BCBG, red, $2.32

22 Jun

I got this dress a few months back at the BCBG outlet for $2.32. No joke. They had sent me some kind of coupon in the mail, even though I think I have only shopped there once on another occasion. Combined with current sales, the dress came out to be $2.32. I wore it to a wedding.


*The hat was not part of my outfit. It was a party favor I picked up by the end of the night.


Black and white

21 Jun

I got this dress from Forever 21 recently. I found dresses of this style a bit boring at first, but thought I’d try it out because it works for classier occasions and plus this one was so cheap (like $16).  I wore this to Cordiano Winery for Jackie and Trevor’s engagement party. Shoes were $5.99 at the Closet.

The necklace is from Linda and Karl and is a work of art. Here’s a close up, which doesn’t do it justice because it’s hard to make out the detail in the pendant part –

I love the proportions and details of this necklace. The matching earrings are great too.

Cool new purse from China

15 Jun

Bill mailed me an awesome purse from his uncle’s store in China. It’s an awesome electric blue color with cool metal studs. The straps and chains are removable.

Without the shoulder strap – 

And without the chain –

A few rings

14 Jun

A few rings I’ve got in my collection –

This one was $3.50 at Cotton On in Santa Monica.

This one was a present from Liz. Don’t know where it’s from. Picture’s a little blurry, but this ring is fantastic. Great bright magenta/fuschia center with matching rhinestones encircling.

And a few black/silver ones that match with many outfits. These two below are from Target [left] and Charlotte Russe [right].

And this last one was one of my favorites for a while, except that it started losing a bunch of the black rhinestones from the sides. It was about $7 from Aldo:


13 Jun

Some recent polish I used. This first one is Make a Scene by Finger Paint [around $5], with Starry Silver Glitter by NYC [99 cents] layered on top –

Spearmint by Rubi. I got this for $2 at Cotton On in Santa Monica –

Color unknown, by Esse. It’s a neon pink, really fun. Goes on matte, however, so I put a top coat on it for shine –

Midnight in NY by Sally Hansen. Hard to tell from the picture, but it’s got really fine glitter in it.

Black and blue

10 Jun

Got this at the Forever 21 in Santa Monica (the biggest one in the country, apparently) over the weekend and wore it out to South in LA on Saturday night. It was about $16. I don’t own many things in this shade of blue. Don’t own much blue at all, in fact (unless it’s some shade of teal).

Especially was a fan of the the blue with the neon pink nails.