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Purple minidress from Windsor

3 May

Another great, cheap find from Windsor. I think this one was $12 or $13. It came with the black belt, which is kind of similar to another black belt with a bow that I already have. Shoes are from Lacey’s Boutique in Encinitas.

It’s a great outfit, except when I wore it out last Friday some dude knocked me in the arm, causing me to spill beer all over it. Oh well, just one of the many things that are great about a $10 dress. Who give a shit if you ended up covered in beer at the end of the night?!


Zebra print shirt

2 May

Got the shirt from Ross for $8, and the skirt for about $9. Necklace is the obsidian or onyx piece I designed/made with beads from Znetshows. Bracelet was a present from Liz.

Harlequin sequins

1 May

I got this dress in Taiwan for 100NT, about $3.50. I don’t actually know if it was intended to be a dress. The saleslady said it should probably be worn with shorts, but I thought I’d try it without. It’s a really cool dress with a harlequin pattern and silver sequins. Only problem is it’s kind of itchy. The lining is a tulle-like material. It helps to wear some kind of thin tank top underneath, but otherwise the dress is crazy itchy. I like to pair it with my fake Prada from Rome (15 euros).