12 Apr

Lots of my friends are getting married. I love weddings, and dressing up for them. The picture immediately below, on the left  is what I wore to Bill and Jen’s wedding in Northern VA. It was a dress I bought without trying on from a shopping district in Taipei. 100 NT [$3.50]. I love the fabric [a soft, thin, satin material] and the bright colors. They had other patterns available, and I wish I had bought more of them [for only $3.50, why didn’t I buy 10 of them?!] The scarf is a very soft cashmere scarf Darren gave me for Christmas. It doesn’t quite match but it is really a warm and lovable scarf, and I haven’t seen it in my closet for a while, so I fear I was careless and lost it.  This picture was taken by K, at a small brick house in Manassas, where a bunch of injured civil war soldiers covered the floors in blood and died [yes, I read the informational historical signs when I stop at places like this]. We stopped by here right before the reception at the lovely Heritage Hunt country club. The dress on the right I purchased at Forever 21 on the strip in Vegas for $22.00. I wore it to Jackson and Vanessa’s rehearsal dinner in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jacqie’s wedding [tractor picture, below] was the most unique one I have attended so far. The ceremony itself was at a church [normal], but her reception was in the front yard of her house, which sits on a dairy farm. I was a bridesmaid. Half the bridesmaids wore black [as I did] and the other half wore the same dress in red. Next to that picture, I am wearing a yellow dress at Jackson and Vanessa’s wedding reception [JC Penney, $25].


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