Going to the goth club

9 Apr

I jump at any chance to wear costumes in the middle of the year, so when a friend asked us to go out to a goth club, I was super excited.

Take one –

The shorts are from Europe. I bought them in Rome for 5 euros. Fingerless gloves are from Aunty Chin. Studded belt was from Hot Topic many, many years ago when they still sold a bunch of stuff like that. Most, if not all of this outfit was stuff I dug out of my closet. We went to Hot Topic to get some accessories, and I had high hopes – but I walked in and saw a Justin Bieber CD on display, and knew it was not the same store I had frequented as a teenager. It made me feel damn old.

The second time I went to Sabbat, I tried something a little different. I decided to go with a corset from Frederick’s, and a poofy black skirt, and some killer heels I got from Hustler. Poofy skirt was 100NT off some street vendor in Taipei (about $3.50). Hustler shoes were $29. I think this look ended up being more saloon girl than goth, but I still had fun.


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