Purple sweater dress

7 Apr

I was less keen on purple when I was younger, but the older I get the more I love it, especially this tone purple [big fan of royal/roman purple, not so much lavender]. This dress is made of a thin sweater material and is super comfortable. I got it from Lola Luna for $12.99. It was on the sale rack during the Farmers’ Market. I didn’t feel like trying it on, but had a feeling based on the cut and the material that it’d fit just fine. Belt was about $12 from The Pink Zone. Shoes are the same $20 heels I got from Ross that I wear all the time. Rough estimate of damage on the wallet: dress ($13) + belt ($12) + shoes ($20) = $45 [price of earrings and necklace are unknown].

And the accessories –

Necklace is from Aunty Chin. Earrings from mom. They are distinctly “mom.” I wore them to dinner with my brother once, and he said, “why are you wearing mom’s earrings?” [Pretty impressive a 19-year-old guy knows his mother’s taste in earrings, eh?]

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