Fun things from around the world

6 Apr

Bracelet from Mexico, a present from Karl and Linda. Karl told me he saw it first and thought I’d like it. Boy, was he spot-on. I loved it instantly. Silver and turquoise gets me every time.

Another bracelet from Mexico. I got it in Puerto Nuevo. The vendor was trying to convince me this was actually turquoise, and not plastic. I was pretty sure it was plastic. He kept trying to light it on fire with a lighter to prove his point. I still talked him down to a fraction of the price [probably still a rip-off, even then]. I love turquoise, but I know plastic when I see it, buddy.

Set from Aruba, K bought it for me. But I did the bargaining! From $25 to $20. Beautiful colored stones.

Silver bracelet from Czech Republic. Again, the vendor claimed it was sterling silver, but who knows [and let me tell you, from the feel of the bracelet, it does not seem to have the malleability of sterling silver]. For 7 euros, it seems highly unlikely it’s sterling silver, but I don’t really care either way.

Bone necklace from Taipei, Taiwan. This was pretty cheap; I bought it off a street vendor against my mother’s advice. I probably should have listened, since I have only wore this necklace once or twice since I bought it 5 years ago, and one of those times was for a costume. It was only $3-4 though, so oh well.

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