Empty promises, free scarf

1 Apr

Got sworn in to the California State Bar in December of 2009. I wore a dress I had bought at The Pink Zone for $25. Shoes were super comfy peep-toe heels from Mervyns [about $25 before they went out of business]. At the ceremony, they read some oaths and promises that made no sense and were at times internally inconsistent, for instance, to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States, and to make ethical choices, completely ignoring the very real possibility that the laws of the United States may in fact conflict with the Constitution, and and that the ethical choice at any time may be in conflict with either the laws of the United States, the Constitution, or both.

Anyway, after that I drove up to Orange County to meet Neely and ate lunch at Gypsy Den. She gave me a really cute scarf with zebra stripes. It had been lying in the middle of the road, unclaimed, and she thought I would like it. Sometimes the cutest things are free.  Sometimes you usenapkin rings as bracelets; sometimes you pick things off the road. I tried the scarf on in a variety of ways [though only one is pictured]. Sunglasses were knock-offs I bought in Thailand for about $5 [they broke and I don’t have them anymore].

Afterwards, we visited  South Coast Plaza [I can look, but can’t touch or buy because it probably costs $50,000]. There, we took turns defiling a red carpet set out for the grand opening of a restaurant called Crustacean.

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