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My chunky jewelry

30 Apr

I love colorful and chunky jewelry. When I visited Bill a while back, I designed and helped make some of these, compliments of Znetshows. The blue necklace immediately below is either some kind of sky blue quartz or glass; I honestly don’t remember the material precisely. I did not make the plastic earrings. They were $2 at The Pink Zone. I thought they looked cute next to the necklace.

Below are a few more. The pink one is glass. The black one is onyx or obsidian (also featured in the post below). The green one is a really unique shade of Jasper, if I remember correctly. That’s one of my favorites. That bright green is totally fantastic! All of these necklaces are short in length, falling just below the collarbone.


Black lace

29 Apr

This is a dress I got as a birthday present from Eric and Jamie. It’s lacey and feminine. I like to bolden it up with a bright red belt. It’s also nice to have a cat who accessorizes to match your outfit.

Some details –


The red belt is from Papaya; it was about $8. The necklace was designed by me, crafted probably by Bill or his mother, from onyx (or obsidian?), which is available at their store.

Zipper dress

28 Apr

I got this dress at a boutique in Pacific Beach. It was on sale for $10. It’s got some neat zippers down the sides. This can be problematic because the dress has a tendency to ride, and the zippers kind of pop out at the sides, but for $10, I can deal with it. I’d been wanting a dress with zippers on it for a while and this is the only one I’ve found that I’ve actually liked.

The details –


A lot of this stuff has been featured in previous posts. Crystal bracelet was from Bill’s wedding. Necklace was $5 at the swap meet. Earrings were a birthday present from Liz. Cuff bracelet – origin unknown.

Brighten it up with a scarf

27 Apr

Another work outfit I like. The shirt is from Banana Republic (but it was on sale for $25 or so). The skirt was $10 from Papaya. The scarf is another present from Aunty Chin, by Oscar de La Renta. The Banana shirt and pin striped skirt are pretty conservative, but the scarf adds a much-needed pool of color. The bracelet was a graduation present from Karl and Linda and is a nice finishing touch.


12 Apr

Lots of my friends are getting married. I love weddings, and dressing up for them. The picture immediately below, on the left  is what I wore to Bill and Jen’s wedding in Northern VA. It was a dress I bought without trying on from a shopping district in Taipei. 100 NT [$3.50]. I love the fabric [a soft, thin, satin material] and the bright colors. They had other patterns available, and I wish I had bought more of them [for only $3.50, why didn’t I buy 10 of them?!] The scarf is a very soft cashmere scarf Darren gave me for Christmas. It doesn’t quite match but it is really a warm and lovable scarf, and I haven’t seen it in my closet for a while, so I fear I was careless and lost it.  This picture was taken by K, at a small brick house in Manassas, where a bunch of injured civil war soldiers covered the floors in blood and died [yes, I read the informational historical signs when I stop at places like this]. We stopped by here right before the reception at the lovely Heritage Hunt country club. The dress on the right I purchased at Forever 21 on the strip in Vegas for $22.00. I wore it to Jackson and Vanessa’s rehearsal dinner in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jacqie’s wedding [tractor picture, below] was the most unique one I have attended so far. The ceremony itself was at a church [normal], but her reception was in the front yard of her house, which sits on a dairy farm. I was a bridesmaid. Half the bridesmaids wore black [as I did] and the other half wore the same dress in red. Next to that picture, I am wearing a yellow dress at Jackson and Vanessa’s wedding reception [JC Penney, $25].

Black paint

11 Apr

Got some more sweet ass deals at Windsor recently. Went to the mall to buy a bachelorette present for Jess and ended up getting myself some treats as well. This dress was 50% off of $15.99 –

The print reminds me of splattered and smeared dark ink. It also has some metallic flecks throughout. I wore it with some earrings from The Closet. Shoes were $19.99 at Nine West [closer picture in the Shoe Gallery]. Cats don’t like to dress up, but it’s getting close to Easter so I put some bunny ears on my kitty.

A fun work outfit

10 Apr

I usually wear jeans to work unless a client is coming in or I am going to court. But this is a fun dress I really like when the weather is warm. It’s actually a bit longer than it appears in the picture; it’s almost knee-length. I got it for $20 at Ross. [And with the $20 shoes from Ross, yet again].

The dress originally came with an duller [and uglier], mustard colored belt which I did not particularly care for [see picture below], so I switched it out for this black one from The Pink Zone. I think a red belt would also do nicely [pictured below is one from Papaya, $9], but the black belt is better for work.

Necklace is a Christmas present from K. Box was part of a graduation present from Lunk. It’s a sort of puzzle box; it was really hard to figure out how to open the thing!