Shades of purple

31 Mar

I got this tunic at Arden B for $25 [I think]. I knew I was going to wear it as a dress, but I asked the saleslady whether it was meant to be a shirt or a dress; she said either. I really like the pattern of the fabric, and think the beading detail is great.

The details –

I was considering any of these three, but settled on the crystal hearts. My cousin bought them for me from a small kiosk at a shopping district in Taipei. I think it was in Xi Men Ding [西門町] but I can’t be sure. Jacqie got me the other two pairs.

The necklace and ring are presents from my mother’s friend, Chin. She works in the fashion industry in NYC and sends me samples and other accessories from time to time. I have no idea where the necklace and ring are from. I’ve actually had the ring since I was 7 years old. It didn’t fit me back then. I think it’s some kind of moonstone; it changes colors in the sunlight, wavering between purple and blue. The clutch and shoes [pictured also in an earlier post] are from Forever 21. I wore this outfit downtown with K, Darren and Felicia.


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