Any occasion, any [SoCal] weather

30 Mar

I wore this outfit on my birthday, when the weather was alright.

The dress was about $17 from The Closet [marked down from something higher]. The shoes are from Ross, about $20. I wore the same thing again on New Years, but it was substantially colder then [40 degrees, cold for Southern California]. So I put on a hoodie vest. Its exterior is kind of a crushed, glossy, black fur, and despite being sleeveless actually provides a decent degree of warmth[$10 or $15 from Papaya]…but it was still too cold, so I added my favorite boots [present from Linda and Karl, my boyfriend’s parents, I think they are from Delia*s]. I am completely in love with the boots, but I don’t wear them as often as I like because the weather is too nice.

And the accessories  –

Earrings were $2 from The Closet. They are huge and dangly and awesome, but have a tendency to get caught on stuff. The ring [dark metal, black rhinestones – love it!!!]was a present from Eric and Jamie. I think I saw it at Target. Starfish necklace was $13 from The Pink Zone, bought it with Helen and Debby shortly after I graduated.

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