Olive and gold

29 Mar

I don’t own a lot of items in this tone of green (olive-ish). At this moment, this might be the only one. However, when I saw this dress at Windsor [for $9.99 after discounts!] I was immediately attracted because of the gold flecks in the material, and the jeweled chain detailing in the halter. My mother told me I looked like a hooker in it, and that she disliked the dress, although she was impressed that it was only $9.99. I responded that I certainly would not be wearing such things when I am 50, so now is the time to do it.

$9.99 dress from Windsor

I wore this getup to Pacific Beach for a pub crawl with gold flip flops [probably still out-of-place for a Sunday pub crawl in PB]. Wore it out another time to Ocean Beach with the gold stilettos, as pictured above. Since Ocean Beach is mostly full of hippies and other laid-back people, it probably wasn’t appropriate there either. But sometimes you just really want to wear an outfit.

A few more details –

Earrings, Forever21. Bracelet, Znetshows. Ring, unknown.

The earrings were a present from Liz. The bracelet is made by Bill, who deals semi-precious gems and stones at Znetshows.com.  It was a party favor at his posh wedding reception, which took place at a lovely country club in Northern Virginia. My mother gave me the ring, so I am not totally sure of its origins or price, but I know she got it in Ocean Beach for $5 or less. Total damage on my wallet: dress ($10) + shoes ($10) + earrings (about $7) + ring ($4) + bracelet (free) = $31.

Note the jewel and chain halter. I love it!


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