28 Mar

I do not own many things with floral patterns. Generally speaking, I am not a fan. I was quite horrified to see a variety of floral-patterned stuff making a noticeable entrance into stores everywhere [hello nineties?] Still, I really do try to be open minded. I like to give everything a chance. So I picked up this poofy number from The Closet for about $22.50  –

Strapless dress with tulle, from The Closet $22.50

I’ve only worn it twice, once in Vegas with the Asian Posse, once downtown for ET’s birthday, and usually wear the black peep-toe heels [from Ross for about $20]. Total damage on my wallet: dress ($22.50) + shoes ($20) + necklace ($5) + belt ($12) + earrings ($2) = $61.50. But I found some hideous red shoes in my closet. I don’t know what had come over me when I bought these. I don’t really like them. I got them at Lola Luna for $10 and have only worn them out once [thank goodness they were only $10]. At any rate, even though I don’t like them, they don’t look so bad with the dress –

$10 red wedges from Lola Luna, local boutique

And then the accessories-

Necklace, $5 at the swap meet

Belt, $12 from The Pink Zone, Earrings, $2 from The Closet



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