Cheap stuff acquired recently

28 Mar

Shoes apprx. $10, clutch $8.99

21 passed me by a while ago, but I still love Forever 21. I got these shoes (picture above) online for dirt cheap, as well as the clutch. The total order, including tax and shipping was about $20.00. Shoes are comfortable, despite how they look.

$10 heels from Lola Luna, local boutique, hand-me-down purse

These shoes are pretty funky, and I haven’t had too many occasions to wear them, but they are super fun. For $10, I couldn’t resist. The purse was my boyfriend’s grandmother’s. It originally had a really long strap, which I altered by doing some wrapping and tying, so it could be used as a clutch.

$10 stilettos from Lola Luna, local boutique

I’d been looking for gold shoes for a while. While the zebra ones were bangin’, I wanted gold shoes that were a bit more versatile and would go with a variety of outfits.

$10 stilettos from Lola Luna, local boutique

And then of course, I saw the same shoes in silver, and bought them because $20 for two pairs of sexy shoes like these is too good a deal to pass up.


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