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Shades of purple

31 Mar

I got this tunic at Arden B for $25 [I think]. I knew I was going to wear it as a dress, but I asked the saleslady whether it was meant to be a shirt or a dress; she said either. I really like the pattern of the fabric, and think the beading detail is great.

The details –

I was considering any of these three, but settled on the crystal hearts. My cousin bought them for me from a small kiosk at a shopping district in Taipei. I think it was in Xi Men Ding [西門町] but I can’t be sure. Jacqie got me the other two pairs.

The necklace and ring are presents from my mother’s friend, Chin. She works in the fashion industry in NYC and sends me samples and other accessories from time to time. I have no idea where the necklace and ring are from. I’ve actually had the ring since I was 7 years old. It didn’t fit me back then. I think it’s some kind of moonstone; it changes colors in the sunlight, wavering between purple and blue. The clutch and shoes [pictured also in an earlier post] are from Forever 21. I wore this outfit downtown with K, Darren and Felicia.


Any occasion, any [SoCal] weather

30 Mar

I wore this outfit on my birthday, when the weather was alright.

The dress was about $17 from The Closet [marked down from something higher]. The shoes are from Ross, about $20. I wore the same thing again on New Years, but it was substantially colder then [40 degrees, cold for Southern California]. So I put on a hoodie vest. Its exterior is kind of a crushed, glossy, black fur, and despite being sleeveless actually provides a decent degree of warmth[$10 or $15 from Papaya]…but it was still too cold, so I added my favorite boots [present from Linda and Karl, my boyfriend’s parents, I think they are from Delia*s]. I am completely in love with the boots, but I don’t wear them as often as I like because the weather is too nice.

And the accessories  –

Earrings were $2 from The Closet. They are huge and dangly and awesome, but have a tendency to get caught on stuff. The ring [dark metal, black rhinestones – love it!!!]was a present from Eric and Jamie. I think I saw it at Target. Starfish necklace was $13 from The Pink Zone, bought it with Helen and Debby shortly after I graduated.

Olive and gold

29 Mar

I don’t own a lot of items in this tone of green (olive-ish). At this moment, this might be the only one. However, when I saw this dress at Windsor [for $9.99 after discounts!] I was immediately attracted because of the gold flecks in the material, and the jeweled chain detailing in the halter. My mother told me I looked like a hooker in it, and that she disliked the dress, although she was impressed that it was only $9.99. I responded that I certainly would not be wearing such things when I am 50, so now is the time to do it.

$9.99 dress from Windsor

I wore this getup to Pacific Beach for a pub crawl with gold flip flops [probably still out-of-place for a Sunday pub crawl in PB]. Wore it out another time to Ocean Beach with the gold stilettos, as pictured above. Since Ocean Beach is mostly full of hippies and other laid-back people, it probably wasn’t appropriate there either. But sometimes you just really want to wear an outfit.

A few more details –

Earrings, Forever21. Bracelet, Znetshows. Ring, unknown.

The earrings were a present from Liz. The bracelet is made by Bill, who deals semi-precious gems and stones at  It was a party favor at his posh wedding reception, which took place at a lovely country club in Northern Virginia. My mother gave me the ring, so I am not totally sure of its origins or price, but I know she got it in Ocean Beach for $5 or less. Total damage on my wallet: dress ($10) + shoes ($10) + earrings (about $7) + ring ($4) + bracelet (free) = $31.

Note the jewel and chain halter. I love it!

Leopard prints and bright colors

28 Mar

I always love bright colors. Also love animal prints. I admit I am a tacky person.

Here I am wearing the gold shoes from Lola Luna again. I tend to wear new things frequently when I first get them. The leopard print shrug is from Papaya. It was on sale for $8. The dress is really supposed to be a tube top shirt. It was $5 at The Pink Zone. I find you can put together really cheap outfits when you wear shirts as dresses. This can’t always be done and you may end up showing your ass, but it helps to be short like I am. Total damage on my wallet: shrug ($8) + tube top ($5) + necklace ($5) + shoes ($10) + earrings (about $5) bracelets (free) = $33.

Some alternatives on shoes –

The polka dot shoes are a few years old now; I got them from Wet Seal for $10. The candy striped shoes are from a popular shopping district in Taipei, Taiwan. I think they were 290 NT, which is about $8.

And the accessories –

The “bracelets” are actually napkin holders from Bill’s [Znetshows] wedding reception. No, I am not joking. I wear napkin holders as bracelets. They are fantastic – the glass beads have a great texture and weight. The earrings are from Forever 21, but they are so old I don’t remember the price. I picked up the necklace from my nearby swap meet for $5. The lady tried to sell it to me for $10, claiming it was crystal. The thing clearly is not crystal. It’s very light, and has silver paint on the back. I am the queen of bargains; I know plastic when I see it.


28 Mar

I do not own many things with floral patterns. Generally speaking, I am not a fan. I was quite horrified to see a variety of floral-patterned stuff making a noticeable entrance into stores everywhere [hello nineties?] Still, I really do try to be open minded. I like to give everything a chance. So I picked up this poofy number from The Closet for about $22.50  –

Strapless dress with tulle, from The Closet $22.50

I’ve only worn it twice, once in Vegas with the Asian Posse, once downtown for ET’s birthday, and usually wear the black peep-toe heels [from Ross for about $20]. Total damage on my wallet: dress ($22.50) + shoes ($20) + necklace ($5) + belt ($12) + earrings ($2) = $61.50. But I found some hideous red shoes in my closet. I don’t know what had come over me when I bought these. I don’t really like them. I got them at Lola Luna for $10 and have only worn them out once [thank goodness they were only $10]. At any rate, even though I don’t like them, they don’t look so bad with the dress –

$10 red wedges from Lola Luna, local boutique

And then the accessories-

Necklace, $5 at the swap meet

Belt, $12 from The Pink Zone, Earrings, $2 from The Closet


Cheap stuff acquired recently

28 Mar

Shoes apprx. $10, clutch $8.99

21 passed me by a while ago, but I still love Forever 21. I got these shoes (picture above) online for dirt cheap, as well as the clutch. The total order, including tax and shipping was about $20.00. Shoes are comfortable, despite how they look.

$10 heels from Lola Luna, local boutique, hand-me-down purse

These shoes are pretty funky, and I haven’t had too many occasions to wear them, but they are super fun. For $10, I couldn’t resist. The purse was my boyfriend’s grandmother’s. It originally had a really long strap, which I altered by doing some wrapping and tying, so it could be used as a clutch.

$10 stilettos from Lola Luna, local boutique

I’d been looking for gold shoes for a while. While the zebra ones were bangin’, I wanted gold shoes that were a bit more versatile and would go with a variety of outfits.

$10 stilettos from Lola Luna, local boutique

And then of course, I saw the same shoes in silver, and bought them because $20 for two pairs of sexy shoes like these is too good a deal to pass up.